My name is Lauren, and I am going to be talking about my worldly travels on this blog. I have traveled to almost every corner of the globe. What other women spend on shopping, I take my money and go to a place where I can see a part of this Earth I haven’t seen before and talk with the locals. That’s the best part. I love, love, love going to a place and talking with people, whether they are natives or visitors like myself. I have learned so much about life, like accepting people and learning that people who might not look or talk like me have the same hopes and dreams for a fulfilled life like I do.

And a lot of times, I have been pleasantly surprised. I have always felt that you are never too old to learn from others. As the saying goes, everyone has something to bring to the table, even if it is “something” that you realize you never, ever want in life (i.e. prejudice, bad attitude, etc.).

So, come back to my travel blog often and to check out and see what I have to say.

Thank you for stopping by!