New York State of Mind

I have always known that before I left this Earth I would have to visit New York City. Ever movie or picture I have seen of NYC screams “ENERGY!!!” I love places that are so noisy that you can get lost in your own little world when you are there. When my friend, Olivia, told me she was planning a trip to NYC, I knew this was my chance so I told her that we should go together and we did!

It was everything I hoped it to be. I met some wonderful people, (shoutouts to Brenda, Theresa, and Maguerite!!) all NYC natives who have the attitude of New Yorkers but are as sweet as can be. Marguerite and her husband Hector are from Puerto Rico and came to the NYC to create a better life for themselves and their two boys. They started a small carpet cleaning business in NYC, going door to door to clean apartments. After a few years, and because of their amazing work and word-of-mouth good reviews, they are NYC’s best carpet cleaning providers. The American Dream fulfilled, yes?

Those who know me know I love, love, love to eat. So, it isn’t a surprise I had to check out a few of the most popular NYC restaurants.

Italian in Acappella

If you want to dine at the same restaurant featured in the first episode of the HBO series "The Sopranos," then Acappella is the place for you. Northern Italian flavors and recipes from such regions as Tuscany, Rome, or Milan are favorites of locals and visitors alike. After ordering a bottle of wine from there extensive list, try the tuna caviar or polenta with Fontina cheese and mushrooms. For the next course, the lamb chop with tomatoes & mushrooms, fettuccine with artichokes in a white wine sauce, or the steamed sea bass with garlic are good choices. Anything you order here will be a delight. Don't be surprise if you recognize a couple of movie stars and famous people as this is a place they frequent often (I saw Robert DeNiro, how cool is THAT????)


Balthazar, S'il vous plait

Dining at Balthazar is like eating at a bistro in France. Visitors can stop in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In addition, there is a bakery next door for those wanting a take-out order or delivery to your New York City hotel as well as cake and other dessert sweets. Make reservations to eat in and enjoy sour cream hazelnut waffles with fresh berries and a mimosa. For lunch, try the roasted lamb sandwich with grilled vegetables or the pumpkin ravioli with walnuts. After a Broadway show, stop in for dinner afterwards as Balthazar stays open very late.